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Happy to Read New Books!

K is for Kids had its roots laid in 2002-03 when founder and volunteer mom Karen D. Clawson began boosting the inventory of books for the school library at Laurel Oak Elementary School in Naples with a “Money for Books” drive.  When parents asked to help, Karen formed the Friends of the School Library program, and the following year, with the support of staff, she launched the  first “Bring a Book, Bring a Friend Fun’raiser” in her own home. Read more by clicking here

When other schools and nonprofits asked for Karen to organize a fun’raiser benefiting their youth, Karen created K is for Kids Foundation as nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in 2007-08.  With teens at the lead, student leaders of K is for Kids launched their first “fun’raising season” in 2008-09 with Friends of the School Library as its primary book donation program.

Friends of the School Library has helped cash-strapped school libraries gain more books for their students to read as the Foundation donated thousands of books each year to schools and students across Collier County.

Then in 2011, Karen became inspired by the efforts of media specialists and wanted to help support their reading incentive program for students. K is for Kids began donating books for students to earn through the new Rising Readers program and end-of-year Top (Rising) Reader Book Awards. This program quickly became the foundation’s most popular book donation program.

Although the Friends of the School Library now receives only a portion of donated funds, it remains a powerful force benefiting children.

Why should you donate books to a school library?

The majority of school children in Collier County may get the chance to visit their school libraries daily or several times during the week.  That means ONE BOOK may be read by MANY CHILDREN over MANY YEARS!  Indeed, a book in circulation might be read by dozens, or even a hundred students over its shelf life, maximizing the book to reader ratio and gaining the most “bang for the book”!

1 Book : 100 Readers — now that’s a smart investment in youth!

Kids love to read!  It’s a wonderful story that is never ending.

That’s why it’s also a “problem” or challenge that we welcome; as parents, as teachers, as community members:  Children who are exposed to books and reading at an early age and who have access to books throughout their education have an advantage over those kids who don’t, outperforming them academically and having a better chance at success in school, and in life.*

Please help K is for Kids build a community readers and leaders!  There are many ways, both small and large, you can make a difference!

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