K is for Kids’ Teen Spokespersons Appear on Fox 4’s Morning Blend TV Show

A new record was set this school year as two teen leaders for K is for Kids appeared on Fox 4’s Morning Blend, making them the youngest student spokespersons to do so. Jose Chang, a junior at Gulf Coast High School, and Emily Smith, appeared together on the popular TV show and were interviewed by Amy Lynn.

Click here to watch the show – http://www.fox4now.com/the-morning-blend/k-is-for-kids

Amy Lynn, host of Fox 4’s Morning Blend, interviews K is for Kids’ student spokespersons Jose Chang, a junior student at Gulf Coast High School in Naples, and Emily Smith, a Gulf Coast High School junior student. The two teens were the youngest spokespersons to appear on the popular TV show, a privilege previously given to college aged students representing the foundation.

Emily shares her story:

“On Monday, August 14, I had the most amazing opportunity to appear on Fox 4 News with Jose Chang to talk about K is for Kids. The experience was unforgettable for many reasons.

First and foremost, as a student spokesperson for K is for Kids, it is my passion to spread the word of the values and purposes for this remarkable organization. Reaching out to the public was so inspiring for me and I am completely satisfied that I could do my part to further promote it.


In addition, I was granted an unforgettable opportunity to see and work on a television set. I have a background in theatre and have always been comfortable when it comes to public speaking, but appearing on television was a new and exciting way to come out of my comfort zone. Even though we prepared a script, we had to adapt to new questions quickly and on the spot.


This whole experience gave Jose and I a new sense of confidence and I am so grateful for Fox 4 and K is for Kids for presenting me this moment.”

Editor’s Note: More students and adult volunteers “appeared” on the Morning Blend show in photos chosen to be showcased by the staff.

Coincidentally,Jose’s sister Ana also “appears” on the show, shown below at right in a photo chosen by producers! K is for Kids honored Ana as one of Laurel Oak Elementary School’s Top Readers last spring. Ana and other honorees got to go on a field trip to Barnes & Noble in Naples where they personally chose their books.

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